Sunday, May 27, 2007

Been Tagged. (Illustration Friday Buddies)

Today I have been tagged by M.B.
Cool way of finding fans of your work, and it is always good to be on somebody's
good list. I wish there was an easier way of "tagging" for illustration friday. I guess
ya put em in your favorites list.

anyhoot. Asked for 7 things about me.

1. I think and do more with illustration since submitting to illustration friday.
2. I am working toward becoming more marketable, and having stuff for sale.
3. My favorite pen is by Pilot. G3 purchased at
4. I like illustrations/artwork that makes ya think, or are very smart. example: Craig Frazier
5. My biggest obstacle while doing an illustration, my own insecurity about trying them.
6. I love winter, would move to Maine or Oregon. Maybe I will and whittle boats.
7. If I wasn't a designer/ illustrator I would probably be bitter. Somedays I am.

Thanks, M.B.

1 comment:

m.b said...

Great list Tom! And, I could have made several of these exact same comments! I'm trying to do more freelance, therefore trying to become more marketable - AND finding out how to go about MARKETING myself. I think about IF more than I actually follow-through with it. I LOVE illustrations that make you think, my example:
Mark Burckhardt (I think Craig Frazier's work is VERY cool - I'd never heard of him, thanks for that!). Right now I'm going through a stage of feeling COMPLETELY inadequate, and it's really holding me back from getting actual new work done - ugh! The insecurity runs rampant! Do we all have this? How do you get past it - just keep going? It's so hard - but I'm trying!!! Thanks for playing Tom!!!